New legislation may prevent workplace bullying

Many businesses have realized workplace bullying is a problem that can destroy morale, increase employee turnover and affect the bottom line. Employers sometimes recognize and discuss bullying and its adverse effects but may not know how to take steps to prevent or rectify the problem. Continue reading

Balance workplace culture with employee preferences to increase productivity

Employers strive to increase workplace productivity in many ways, such as leading wellness initiatives, conducting training sessions and encouraging breaks. While there seems to be many ways to boost employee productivity, one of the best ways a small business can increase efficiency is through company culture. Continue reading

Understaffing increases the risk of workplace injury

Research has linked understaffing to increased levels of stress and adverse health effects among workers. While many studies have focused on understaffing in the healthcare industry specifically, not having enough people on duty can be hazardous in a variety of workplaces. Often, workers in an understaffed environment have to compensate but taking on more work, which can be both stressful and distracting. Working in a stressful environment can not only cause long-term mental health conditions, but can also decrease awareness of potential hazards in the workplace. Employers may want to Continue reading