Keep healthcare employees safe from workplace safety hazards

Taking care of others can be a dangerous job. Employees in the healthcare industry often work long hours without sitting. They also are constantly exposed to dangerous medical devices and contagious pathogens. The cumulative effects of such a professional environment may negatively impact worker productivity. Continue reading

Create a culture of wellness with communication

Many employers across the country are focusing on employee wellness initiatives to combat rising healthcare costs and reduce worker injuries. With more staff members adopting healthy habits, it can be beneficial for employers to institute a culture of wellness. Making wellness a priority can encourage employees to adopt an exercise regime or start eating nutritious food. In fact, a recent survey found employees place great value on wellness programs. Continue reading

Protect indoor workers from heat illness

Temperatures in Arizona can reach well over 100 degrees in the summer and indoor workers are susceptible to heat illness if the appropriate measures are not taken. Sometimes, employers may assume staff members who work indoors are more protected from the heat than those outdoor workers, but when there is no air movement or cooling system in place, temperatures can quickly skyrocket. Continue reading