Avert slips, trips and falls: identify on-the-ground hazards

Employers may not want to restrict fall safety just to ladders, scaffolding and aerial lifts. Falls can happen near the ground as well, and can result in a serious injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011, 681 workplace fatalities occurred as the result of workers slipping, tripping or falling. Educating workers about slip, trip and fall hazards can help keep them safe on the job site. Continue reading

Workplace relaxation techniques may reduce stress-related illness

Business owners continue to look for ways to reduce sick day use and improve workplace productivity, but job strain may be causing employees to become ill despite their employer’s best efforts. According to a study from Ohio University, experiencing stress increases inflammation in the body, effectively decreasing the immune system’s defenses and making an individual susceptible to illness. While employers may not be able to lower stress in the workplace, business owners may want to consider providing ways for employees to relax while they are at work. Continue reading

OSHA revokes proposed On-site Consultation Program rule

Many employers take advantage of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) free and confidential On-site Consultation Program to help identify workplace hazards and mitigate the risk of injury. In 2010, OSHA proposed a rule clarifying the length of the exemption period for recognized safety sites undergoing a consultation. However, the agency recently withdrew the rule in response to stakeholder concerns about the clarification possibility discouraging employers from using the program. Continue reading