4 easy ways for employees to adopt healthier habits

Wellness programs may not be successful if they just provide workers with access to a fitness center and conduct risk assessments. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for many employees, and they may be setting themselves up for failure if they try to make too many changes at once. Bad habits may creep back if wellness programs don’t offer workers the resources they need to maintain a workout schedule or nutritious eating into the long term. Continue reading

Happy eating: The link between productivity, mood and food

Employers often try to improve worker productivity, and food may be one way to do so. When people are hungry, their mental acuity may lessen and their blood sugar may drop. While many employees understand the importance of eating throughout the day, too often they either consume unhealthy foods or forget to eat a meal.

Skipping lunch or waiting too long between meals may have drastic effects on worker productivity and mood. According to Business News Daily, research has Continue reading

OSHA: Remember crowd management during holiday sales events

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released a reminder for retailers to focus on the safety of their employees during the holiday shopping season. Major sales events like Black Friday can cause consumers to become aggressive to secure key deals, and workers can become injured in the process.  Continue reading