5 secrets to weight management during the holiday season

With co-workers bringing in desserts and more employees indulging in fattening foods, the holiday season can be a time when staff put on additional pounds. The 2013 National Health Assessment conducted by the Robert Morris University Polling Institute found more than one-quarter of people anticipate gaining holiday weight. Many workers may think the holiday season is a time when it’s necessary to treat themselves, but too much of a good thing may lead to employees harming their well-being. Continue reading

4 ways to maintain and repair worker trust

A recent survey by The Forum Corporation found there is a strongĀ correlation between employee trust of their leadership and workers’ performance. Managers who don’t apologize for their mistakes often are seen as untrustworthy, and employees may not be as engaged in their jobs or work as hard. In fact, a lack of trust in managers actually may hinder the business’ success, a study by Interaction Associates found according to management resource Proformative. Continue reading

New rules may encourage early detection of mental illness

Although the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act passed in 2008, President Barack Obama’s administration recently issued a final rule that requires insurance companies to cover mental health and substance abuse claims as they do medical claims, according to National Public Radio. The Washington Post reported the administration provided temporary rules regarding the act in 2010 until the final rules could be established. Continue reading