Employee theft rarely reported by small business owners, poll suggests

More than half of small business owners in the country have experienced theft performed by one of their own workers. However, whether out of compassion for the wrongdoer or feeling the misconduct not being serious enough to alert the proper authorities, few wind up reporting the crime, according to a newly released survey.

Jay Kennedy, a recent MBA graduate from the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Linder Continue reading

Stress is the most overlooked safety hazard

According to the 2014 MySafetySign Health & Safety Industry Survey, psychosocial issues are top safety concerns for workers. The survey polled 470 employees responsible for their companies’ health and safety practices, and found 24% believe stress is the safety hazard that goes unnoticed the most.  Continue reading

Added sugar linked to cardiovascular disease

Employers may want to rethink the types of beverages and foods they stock in workplace vending machines and common areas. According to a new study, goods with added sugar may increase a person’s risk of dying from cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Science Daily reported the study, which was published in JAMA Internal Medicine and conducted by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It found people with 25% of their daily calories coming from added sugars are twice as likely to die from CVD than those with only 10% of their daily calories coming from Continue reading