More large companies offering outcome-based incentives for wellness programs

When trying to craft wellness programs that motivate workers to become or stay fit and healthy, employers may consider offering workers incentives. Large corporations are increasingly providing workers with incentives based on positive outcomes, such as through meeting biometric thresholds, according to a survey by benefits software provider bswift. As companies become more aware of the benefits of wellness programs, they may want to determine which incentives suit their budgets and their employees’ needs.  Continue reading

Identify causes of sleep deprivation to avoid employee injuries

When employees do not get enough sleep before the work day, they may be prone to lower levels of productivity and higher chances of injury. Employers may require insight into the causes of sleep deprivation to determine how they can minimize the risk of inadequate sleep. One of the reasons why employees may not have restful sleep at night may be employees working longer hours, Safety and Health Magazine reported.  Continue reading

Maintain AEDs to be prepared for workplace emergencies, cardiac arrests

In the event of a worker experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), employees trained and licensed to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) may need to operate this life-saving equipment. As a device meant to deliver a shock to the heart and help restore a regular heart rhythm, AED could save workers’ lives. To prepare workplaces Continue reading