Tips for relieving workplace stress

Stress in the workplace is often just as unhealthy for workers as non-mental challenges. Stress can lead to severe issues with fatigue and poor performance on the job and may lead to physical injury or an accident. This creates dangers that could lead to physical harm, such as an accident. According to safety magazine EHS Today, citing a StressPulse survey by ComPsych Corp., 64% of employees have high stress levels. Additionally, 29% of employees miss three to six days per year because of stress. Among survey respondents, 16% missed more than six days per year. Stress can Continue reading

Best practices for heavy machinery at construction sites

Construction is a dangerous job, and heavy machinery can lead to serious injuries if best practices aren’t followed. EHS Today recently released a set of tips for those who seek to smoothly integrate machines into their construction businesses. Remember that 150,000 people are injured on the job every year in construction, and 824 people were killed in building accidents in 2013. To close out this year safe and sound, it is more important than ever to follow safe practices and ensure workers know what to do in case of emergency.

People working near heavy machines
One of the biggest dangers on a construction site is the machinery used to dig or carry heavy objects. These are only to be used by licensed professionals, and even with that Continue reading

Wellness programs more effective when there is monetary reward

A recent study by The Obesity Society (TOS) found that giving financial incentives to employees caused the workers to be 33 times more likely to participate in health coaching.

“While the jury is still out about whether workplace wellness programs improve health, the programs have great potential,” said lead author Jason Block, MD, TOS Member and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Population Medicine. “Our goal was to evaluate what motivates people to participate in these Continue reading