Sustainability and the ‘Triple-bottom Line’

GonzalodelaMelenaJrBy Gonzalo de la Malena Jr.
President & CEO

The term “triple-bottom line” is gaining popularity in the business world – and for good reason.

In short, the term describes “the broader costs, benefits and impacts involved in doing business,” as outlined in a groundbreaking white paper “Sustainable Best Practices,” released in November by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at our fourth annual Business Diversity Summit.

The “triple-bottom line” addresses growing trends and needs among companies today, small and large, to consider not only traditional “bottom-line” profits but also the social and environmental impact of doing business.

In my capacity as President and CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I can attest to our organization’s strongly held belief that achieving greater “triple-bottom line” results is not just the right thing to do, but it’s essential to long-term success in our highly competitive, technologically advanced and ever more socially interactive business climate.

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber believes that in the same way the state’s demographic trends, including Arizona’s booming Latino population, must be considered as public and private industry leaders develop statewide policy initiatives, the question of “sustainability” and how that fits into private and public practices must also be given careful consideration by all communities.

In short, caring about our environment is fully compatible with caring about the health and prosperity of our entire citizenry and our economy, and the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is committed to spreading that message far and wide.

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