4 Top Tips for Making Business Sense of ‘Summer Dress’

Does “business casual dress” take on a new meaning at your office during the hot Arizona summers? For many employers, the answer is probably yes.

Summer can be an unusually confusing time for employers and employees to interpret a business casual dress code. As temperatures rise and employees look for ways to stay cool, workplace attire often relaxes. However, beating the heat shouldn’t come at the cost of a professional workplace appearance.

To ward off this usual occurrence, CopperPoint, a leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance in Arizona, recently underwent a review and update to its dress code policy. Here are four top tips we learned along the way.

Dust off your dress code policy

Most companies already have a solid dress code policy in place, but does your policy adjust for summer months? Take the guesswork away and determine if you will allow any changes for employees during the traditional summer season of Memorial Day to Labor Day. Summer dress might mean capris and sandals to someone or tank tops and flip flops to another. Outline your company’s summer do’s and don’ts!

Involve your best advocates

Employees are the front-line ambassadors to your brand and culture. Their opinions matter and a small group should be involved with Human Resources in crafting or updating your dress code policy. Solicit their ideas and feedback as they are the ones who will ultimately adhere to the policy.

Communication counts

Realistically, how many employees take out the employee handbook or refer to the online policy when they’re deciding what to wear to work? Utilize a variety of communication channels to share updates about your policy. CopperPoint distributed a simple video message to employees that showed images of appropriate business casual attire. Intranet posts, employee news articles and messages from leadership are other great ways to get the word out.

Connect dress policy to your business goals

CopperPoint is maturing to a regional multi-line mutual insurance company. We pride ourselves on great customer service and professionalism to our agents, policyholders and others with whom we do business. With certain lines of work come certain dress expectations. Match your dress code to your business goals.

Arizona has a Western vibe, a more laid-back culture and hot summer heat that can make dressing for the summer months more challenging. Be sure to spend some time reviewing or creating a dress code policy that’s in sync with your business so all your employees can say yes to the dress!

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