5 quick ways to be more productive at work

Whether employees work on an assembly line or in the office, worker productivity is important to the company’s overall performance. When workers are more efficient at their jobs, the whole business benefits. Here are five simple productivity tips managers may share with their staff that may help workers¬†improve their output and performance immediately:

1. Don’t multitask
Doing more than one task at a time splits a person’s concentration and may result in two or three duties only being half done. According to productivity site Life Hack, cutting back on multitasking can lead to tasks being accomplished better and in less time.

2. Concentrate on work at specific times of the day
Some employees may be more productive in the morning rather than early afternoon, and vice versa. Encouraging workers to focus their energies when they are most productive during the day may help them improve their performances, the American Society of Administrative Professionals suggested.

3. Take frequent breaks
According to Life Hack, employers may want to allow workers to take a rest on a regular basis to recharge throughout the day.

4. Eat throughout the day
Low blood sugar may cause employees to feel fatigued or drowsy. Consuming nutritious meals throughout the workday may help workers stay alert and efficient.

5. Stay hydrated
Drinking enough water may help workers stay refreshed to perform at their optimal levels.

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