ASBA kicks off series with ‘2016 Point of View for Small Business’

The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) kicked off its newest series, Arizona Speaks, with a bang on Feb. 11.

The first session, “A 2016 Point of View for Small Business,” presented a high-level view of the key issues facing small business today. All five sessions of the series will include panel discussions with industry leaders, giving business owners and managers, ideas and strategies that will keep them relevant in this new economy.

Charlie Berry, Senior Counsel, Clark Hill, addresses the crowd attending ASBA's 'Arizona Speaks' initial session.

Charlie Berry, Senior Counsel, Clark Hill, addresses the crowd attending ASBA’s ‘Arizona Speaks’ initial session.

Speakers and topics from the most recent session included:

• Charlie Berry, Senior Counsel, Clark Hill – Access to Capital & Financing for Small Business
• Lisa Graham Keegan, Principal Partner, The Keegan Company – State of Education in Arizona & Issues Related to Small Business
• Gunnar Light, Managing Partner, Global G Group – Going Global & Understanding if Your Small Business Can
• Park Howell, Founder & President, Park&Co – Storytelling & Why It’s Important
• Jim Small, Editor, Arizona Capitol Times – Public Policy & Getting Involved as a Small Business Owner

The upcoming session in Arizona Speaks, “Shooting Straight in your Small Business”, is sure to bring even more buzz, as ASBA takes the event out onto the golf course.

You can expect to hear from top-notch professionals on topics including:

  • Knowing your competition
  • Developing your brand
  • Building your team strategy
  • Keeping your business on course, and
  • Discovering solutions that save your business strokes.

For more information on the series and upcoming sessions, be sure to reach ASBA at or email Julie Armstrong at

ASBA thanks CopperPoint Insurance Companies for sponsoring “Arizona Speaks – A 2016 Point of View for Small Business.”

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