Deciphering Cyber Security for Small Business

By Dave Schroeder
IT Security Manager
CopperPoint Insurance Companies

It’s a startling new reality. Cyber security attacks, which cause billions of dollars in losses every year, are on the rise. With more sophisticated, professional hackers aiming to disrupt a global brand, country or even an individual consumer shopping at their favorite store, shipping a package or doing their online banking, no one is immune.

Although medical records are today’s main cyber security commodity due to the vast Continue reading

5 Ways to Give Back (That Won’t Break the Bank)

By Jill Maruca
Community Engagement Coordinator
CopperPoint Insurance Companies

Giving back to the communities we serve is an integral part of the CopperPoint culture. We believe our focused philanthropy is an investment in Arizona and its future.

It’s not always about having the biggest budget. In fact, much of our award-winning program is built on donating our employees’ time, talents and resources. We’re a mid-size company in the Phoenix landscape, but our 320 employees give thousands of hours of volunteer time in Arizona communities at more than 100 nonprofit organizations annually.

Research shows that employees are more engaged when the company they work for is Continue reading