Researching potential holes in workers’ compensation claims pays off

When handling a workers’ compensation claim, it’s extremely important to do a little research on the employees’ legal history to avoid paying costly fees. Employers should include as much information as possible throughout the compensation process, advises Theodore Ronca, an attorney who represents employers in workers’ compensation and employee disability cases. Keeping details out of documents and hearings is a bad idea, he explains.

Ronca uses an example from his personal experience. When a negative employee asks for workers’ compensation after previously filing an unemployment claim, many employers fail to mention the first case to comp boards.

Ronca states he discovered a series of claims from an employee who did not abide with mandated follow-ups, such as a providing a post-injury IRS return.

This kind of history can be used to support business owners.

According to Ronca, a difficult employee’s history is often very telling of his or her motives behind filing a workers compensation claim. If an employer discovers he or she has ever demanded benefits, whether they’re for unemployment claims, harassment and/or discrimination charges or other source, documentation should be provided to the board.

“Do not be mute,” Ronca writes.

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