Social Venture Partners Arizona is Engaged Philanthropy

Sentari Minor HeadshotBy Sentari Minor
Social Venture Partners Arizona
Social Venture Partners Arizona (SVPAZ) brings successful professionals together to leverage their time, expertise and resources to make strategic investments in the Valley. Building a dynamic connection between entrepreneurial energy and grassroots innovation, SVPAZ links business professionals with nonprofit organizations to make a tremendous impact. Continue reading

ASBA kicks off series with ‘2016 Point of View for Small Business’

The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) kicked off its newest series, Arizona Speaks, with a bang on Feb. 11.

The first session, “A 2016 Point of View for Small Business,” presented a high-level view of the key issues facing small business today. All five sessions of the series will include panel discussions with industry leaders, giving business owners and managers, ideas and strategies that will keep them relevant in this new economy. Continue reading

Prop 123, JTED funding collaboration top Chamber’s 2016 priorities


By Todd Sanders
President & CEO
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

The arrival of 2016 is accompanied by new priorities, refreshed goals and an optimistic outlook on all that can and will be accomplished in the upcoming year. As small business owners spend a little time this month changing the 5 in “2015” to a 6 on checks for employees and vendors, I look forward to the vital work we get to do this year on behalf of our Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce members and the business community. I want to share a few of our top priorities for the year. Continue reading