Court Finds That Scheduled Injury Notice is Final

Mattos v. Starwood/Zurich, (Court of Appeals, Division One, Memorandum Decision, filed 7/2/2015)

The issue in this unpublished Memorandum Decision from Division One of the Court of Appeals is whether the original notice of permanent disability, which closed the claim with a scheduled disability for a shoulder and elbow injury, was void on its face and whether the claim should be closed with an unscheduled disability following a petition to reopen. Continue reading

The ‘Going-and-Coming’ Rule Limitation

Gurtler v. Industrial Commission, (Court of Appeals, Division One, Published Opinion, Filed 7/28/2015)

The issue in this case is whether a trip home is within the course and scope of employment when the employee makes a brief business detour that her employment did not require.

The applicant worked as an assistant auditor for the City of Scottsdale. While driving home from work in her own car, after making a brief business detour to drop off a Continue reading

Interest is Payable on Death Benefits

Stenz v. Industrial Commission, (Arizona Supreme Court, Published Opinion, Filed 7/20/2015)

In this case, the Arizona Supreme Court addressed the questions of whether a widow is entitled to interest on an award of death benefits paid approximately four years after her claim was filed.

The widow filed a claim for death benefits following the death of her husband in September 2009. The claim was denied. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) upheld the denial. The Continue reading