Remind workers of basic precautions against heat illness


Employers supervising workers in regions that have extreme temperatures may want to adopt employee training programs that educate workers on the symptoms of heat illnesses, including heat stroke. By teaching workers about the early signs of these potentially life-threatening conditions, employers could see decreases in heat illness reports and increases in worker productivity. Continue reading

Tips for driving on snowy roads

Parts of Arizona get cold enough for snow to fall in the winter. How can a company prepare for this so that worker risk is minimized? It depends on the type of company. For those who require their workers to spend time driving outside, then ice and snow are both things to worry about. But on days that are especially hard to navigate, such as a morning or evening blizzard, it may even be safer to let people who merely commute to work come late or leave early, or even telecommute, than risk being hurt in an accident. Continue reading

Remind workers to drive safe during the holiday season

According to a new infographic from Safety and Health magazine, there are more alcohol-impaired traffic fatalities during the holiday period than any other time of year. The infographic utilizes data from the National Safety Council (NSC) and estimates New Year’s Day has the highest average percentage of alcohol-related driving deaths at 42%. Employers may want to remind workers to take it easy this holiday season and encourage employees to never get behind the wheel if they have been drinking. While Continue reading