Healthier buildings mean healthier workers

A new report by the World Green Building Council has stated that building design and efficiency can affect workers’ health, satisfaction and productivity. The report focuses mainstream attention on how efficient, cleaner and well-designed buildings are leading to a healthier and more productive workforce.

The report touched on factors such as air quality, daylight compared to artificial lighting, noise and active design among others. For instance, when discussing indoor quality, Continue reading

Study finds walking can reverse side effects of a sedentary lifestyle

While employees who work in an office setting don’t face the potential hazards of construction sites or factories, their sedentary daily lifestyle can expose them to significant health issues. With the right routine, however, they may be able to avoid these problems and maintain their health. Continue reading

5 factors that may impact the safety of young workers

Industries that tend to have higher worker turnover rates, such as retail or food service, may get an influx of teenage workers as employees who are 18 or younger often work seasonal jobs. However, young workers may be inexperienced on the job and may not recognize health and safety hazards as quickly as seasoned staff, making them more prone to occupational injuries and illnesses. Continue reading