Think twice about creating a social media ban in the workplace

From construction workers and nurses to employees who work in an office, the majority of the American workforce is now connected to social media and the online world through their smartphones and mobile devices. While many employers have strict policies against personal calls and Internet browsing on the job, allowing workers to go on social sites throughout the day may make them more productive and increase engagement. Three recent surveys all found social media use in the workplace not only benefits employees, but creates a more efficient workforce overall. Continue reading

Do you have Mean Girls at work?

Bobbie J Fox photoBy Bobbie Fox
Attorney, SCF Arizona
Do you remember the high school bully? Someone who is relentlessly pointing out perceived flaws, name calling, making embarrassing comments. Laughing at you, not with you. For some, that wasn’t high school; that was yesterday at work.

Bullying can take a similar form at work: extreme micromanaging, personal verbal attacks, disrespecting or embarrassing someone in front of coworkers, or being just plain mean.

Women are the workplace bully 40 percent of the time. Their bullying is directed at other women 80 percent of the time. In other words, mean girls are mean to other girls at work.*  Men are the bully at work 60 percent of the time, so to be fair to both genders, men are mean at work as well, but are typically “equal opportunity” mean. The male bully is mean to everyone regardless of gender. Continue reading