Wellness programs more effective when there is monetary reward

A recent study by The Obesity Society (TOS) found that giving financial incentives to employees caused the workers to be 33 times more likely to participate in health coaching.

“While the jury is still out about whether workplace wellness programs improve health, the programs have great potential,” said lead author Jason Block, MD, TOS Member and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Population Medicine. “Our goal was to evaluate what motivates people to participate in these Continue reading

Lockout/tag-out safety procedures help keep workers safe

Heavy machinery in a factory has the potential to be dangerous, and employers may want to have employees safe by doing lockout/tag-out procedures. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) typically lists this as one of its top 10 citations made every year, according to EHS Today. Continue reading

Avoiding slips and falls in the workplace

Workplace accidents such as slipping on the ground or tripping over something increase when employees aren’t focused on the here and now. There also can be places in a facility where workers are more likely to trip. Trips are the second-leading cause of workers compensation claims, according to OHS Online, a workplace safety website. Continue reading