Use These 3 Reasons to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Safety Works Expo

You’d love to get out of the office, meet other business owners, HR managers, safety professionals and learn something new. But the boss is a little nervous that it’s an excuse for you to head straight to the golf course or meet up with friends for lunch.

We get it. That’s why we’ve created a quick list of reasons to help you win your boss’ approval to attend CopperPoint’s Safety Works Expo, Arizona’s premier workplace safety education event.

Here are three things you can do:

1. Get to the details

Your goal is to convince your boss that Safety Works is worth attending and you’re the right person to go. To do this, be specific. Review the Safety Works agenda and identify sessions that relate to your work. This year, Safety Works includes classes on cyber security, recognizing substance abuse in the workplace and employment practices liability. The schedule also features safety classes with helpful tips that can affect a company’s bottom line. You may receive bonus points if you match a session or speaker with a specific work project. (Click this page link and scroll to see  a complete class listing.)

Taking the initiative to inquire about Safety Works demonstrates to your boss that you’re concerned about workplace safety and plugged into HR issues. It demonstrates you want to deepen your knowledge.

2. Focus on ROI

Show your boss how attending Safety Works may provide a positive return on investment. Compare the cost of Safety Works to other educational programs, such as training courses and books. Safety Works offers the chance to network with subject matter experts, learn from local professionals and see what’s on the horizon within the industry. It will leave you with a dose of inspiration to re-energize your work. These are the intangibles you can’t get from a few training videos.

3. Explain how you’ll share what you learn

How are you going to bring your newfound knowledge back to the workplace? Consider a review of the conference at a staff meeting or sharing a written update with coworkers. You could also write an article for the company intranet site. What matters is that you share your excitement and knowledge with your boss and co-workers so they also can benefit from your experience.

Now, all you have to do is register to seal the deal. We’ll be sure to save you a seat!

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